About QBBF

The Qatar British Business Forum (more commonly referred to by its acronym QBBF) was established in 1992 as a forum for business people to meet on a regular basis with the objective of exchanging views and opinions about existing and potential business opportunities in Qatar in general, and in particular on how best to promote trade between the United Kingdom and Qatar.

QBBF Factfile

  • Established in 1992
  • Has over 450 members
  • Aims to promote trade between the UK and Qatar
  • Works closely with UKTI section of the British Embassy
  • Holds monthly and annual business networking events

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QBBF is a forum to provide opportunities for members to enlarge their social contacts through the medium of a varied social calendar which could also act as a useful platform to attract the attention of potential members from within the business community.

Throughout the year events are arranged to allow members to attend business meetings with guests and business acquaintances at social functions. Business meetings are normally by way of a luncheon held on the first Monday of each month which provides members with the opportunity to network with different members and guests. Speakers, considered to be of interest to the membership, are invited to make 15 to 20 minute presentations and these are interspersed with input on commercial activities by the Commercial section of the British Embassy. Social Events normally form around three core functions per year - a Ball, a Cheese and Wine Evening and a BBQ. It is the intention of the committee to enlarge the number of these events according to the wishes of the members.

Current QBBF membership stands at over 400 representing a broad range of business disciplines all of whom have links with companies in the United Kingdom.

The QBBF maintains strong links with the British Embassy, particularly with the Commercial Section, with whom it confers regularly, and offers assistance in providing contacts and support to visiting trade missions, important business people and other officials visiting Qatar, all with a view to fostering joint economic relations.

Details regarding members and their companies, information about contacting, joining or submitting feedback are all contained within the site.

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