Thank You QBBF!

A letter to QBBF Chairman Emad Turkman MBE from QBBF Member Alan Richell.....

Dear Emad,

Thank you for your note below.

When I arrived in Qatar I was determined to live here fully and properly, rather than just stay for a period.

Finding and joining the QBBF has been one of the very best decisions I made. The welcome was fulsome, genuine and came with real warmth towards the new kid on the block. Ever since then it has been a constant source of business intelligence, conversation, fun and substance. I am very grateful to the team and you personally for all the effort you put in, most of it unseen, not only to make this possible, but also to make it happen.

There are clear possibilities that I will be back by one means or another, and should that happen attending anything QBBF will be top of my list.

With very best wishes,

Yours truly,

Alan Richell


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